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Egbertians 3rd XI - Results 2011/12

3rd Team 2011

From left to right, Standing: Steve Haydon, James Hooper, Sonny Morell, andrew Manning, Dan Morgan, Dan Massey, John Day.
From left to right, Kneeling: Justin Brisco, Rys Spires, Bill Morgan, Matt Paxton, Gary Spires, Chris Beamont, Danny Rhone.
Missing: Joe Spires, Peter Shawyer, Steve Collet, Steve Thorn, Joe Scully.

Date Opposition Comp Venue Result Scorers
17/09/11 Old Parmiterians VI Friendly Away 7-0
24/09/11 Hale End Athletic IV League Home 1-0 Dan Massey
01/10/11 UCL Acedemicals IV League Home 6-0 Danny Rhone, Gary Spires, Dan Morgan, John Day, Chris Beamont, James Hooper
08/10/11 London Hospital OB League Home 5-1 Peter Shawyer (2), James Hooper (2), Danny Rhone
15/10/11 Old Tiffinians III AFA Cup Home 8-1 James Hopper (4), Chris Beamont (2), Danny Rhone, Andrew Manning
22/10/11 Old Bealonians IV League Home 5-0 John Day, Danny Rhone, Danny Morgan, Andrew Manning, Joe Spiers
29/10/11 Old Parmiterians III LOB Cup Away 1-3 Chris Beamont, Danny Morgan, Gary Spiers
05/11/11 Wood Green OB III League Home 3-2 Chris Beamont, Joe Spiers, James Hooper
12/11/11 Ravenscroft OB League Home 1-3 Dan Morgan
19/11/11 Old Salvatorians V League Home 3-3 Gary Spires, James Hooper, John Day
26/11/11 Old Suttonians IV AFA Cup Home 3-4 Dan Morgan, Chris Beamont, Andrew Manning
03/12/11 Clapham Old Xaverians III LOB Cup Away 5-3 James Hooper (2), John Day
10/12/11 UCL Academcials IV League Home 5-1 James Hooper (2), Dan Morgan, Andrew Manning, Dan Massey
17/12/11 Albanian V League Home 2-0 Dan Morgan, Dan Massey
07/01/12 Old Bealonians IV League Away 1-4 Danny Rhone (3), Danny Morgan
14/01/12 Albanian V League Away 2-4 James Hooper (2), Chris Beamont, Danny Rhone
21/01/12 Old Parmitarians V League Away 0-0
28/01/12 Wood Green OB III League Away 3-3 Danny Rhone (3)
04/02/12 Game Postponed
11/02/12 Game Postponed
18/02/12 No game
25/02/12 Old Buckwellians II League Away 1-3 Danny Rhone, James Hooper, John Day
03/03/12 Game Postponed
10/03/12 Ravenscroft OB League Away 3-3 Danny Rhone, Rys Spires, John Day
17/03/12 No game
24/03/12 Old Buckwellians II League Home 3-0 Sonny Morell (2), Danny Rhone
31/03/12 Old Salvatorians V League Home 5-0 Danny Rhone, Richard Wood, Chris Beamont, Peter Shawyer, OG.
05/05/12 Hale End Athletic IV League Away 2-2 Rys Spires (2)
14/04/12 Old Parmiterians VI League Away 3-3 Peter Shawyer, Sonny Morell, Danny Rhone
28/04/12 London Hospital Old Boys League Away 0-4 Andrew Manning (2), Sonny Morell, Danny Rhone
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