2013/14 Season

1st Team Results

Sep 14

1st Team 2 - 1 Old Tollingtonians
Date: 2013-09-14
Venue: Away
Referee: Sam Szczurek

The pitch was in great conditions and despite being on a slight hill I would say perfect, unfortunately due to traffic and parking we was running late and had not warmed up! And it showed by the way we started the game.

Tollys were in control for most of the 1st half with Egbertians barely able to put 2 -3 passes together and trying to lump the ball up to Ryan for most of the first half. There were spells that saw us break and play some football but the Tollys defence would break down each attack putting us under lots of pressure. Despite having most of the control Tollys could not take the lead due to poor shots or taking too much time in and around the box.

The 2nd half saw Bertians move Harley into the middle from the left and put Rhys out wide in the hope that Rhys would be able to open them up and Harley would man mark the number 11 who was pulling all Tollys strings. Apparently it worked as within 5 mins The Mighty Egs had two chances one where Rhys cut inside the full back to fire a shot and the first goal that came from a Pringle cross that was meat by a powerful header from Ryan. It was now a different game with Bertians putting Tollys under constant pressure and the No 11 seeming quite. Chances came for Pringle, Rhys and even Massey getting a great shot cleared off the line and Tollys looked rattled. With 15 m ins to go an unfortunate event saw the Egs down to 10 men when two players squared up and one claimed a headbutt, Tollys quickly capitated on our confusion and from a corner we saw another great header to square the game up.

The game was then back and forth and Bertians had the best of the chances one from Rhys and another from Harely, But it was some silky skills from Mike who beat a player then took on the fall back with ease to provide a great cross that was met by the game winner when Chris powered home a great right footed volley.

All credit to Tollys they put up a great battle.


M Paxton 

D Massey (MotM) 

S Morrell 

B Morgan 

G Spiers 

J Spiers 

C Beamont 
Scored (1) 

A Walker 

R Spiers 

H Hicks 

R Murray 
Scored (1) 

M Allen 

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