2013/14 Season

1st Team Results

Aug 16

1st Team 0 - 5 Old Parmetarians
Date: 2014-08-16
Venue: Away

A good little run out on Saturday. We had a very small squad and suffered some injuries towards the end of the game against a premiership side complete with 9 subs. Until the injuries we were trailing 1 nil from an early strike. Personally I was quite pleased with the performance considering it was our first game back with 3/4 trialists and a few lads from the 3rd team supporting us. 2-3 extra players and we would have won this game!
Parms capitalised on this and scored 4 late goals in the dying minutes. The only area for improvement was that I think we could have passed more and better during the game especially in the first part when tiredness was not effecting us.


D Williams 

S Kendor 

J Dennis 

M Ramsay 

R Belgrave 

M Proctor 

C Okonkwo 

S Marshall (MotM) 

S Chan 

P Ioan 

M Awais 

N Lewis 

Beati Mundo Corde