2013/14 Season

3rd Team Results

Sep 06

3rd Team 7 - 0 old parmiterians VII
Date: 2014-09-06
Venue: Away
Referee: n/a

A disappointing game for us. Keeper couldn,t make it due to a last minute work emergency so i played Keep and one no show, but it is, what it is.
We didn't show enough in the middle of the park today, against a very good and organised team. Our positioning on and off the ball was loose and we got punished for it, all the goals came through the middle. Egs never really got the chance to find a flow with the ball, parms played a tight game and closed space very efficiently. We allowed them to run the midfield and despite a strong 15 min start at the start of the second half, we never created any real chances.
A couple of cocky players from Parms lead to some minor heated exchanges with Stephan and Bradley respectively, but overall a well mannered game.
Our Fitness and team movement needs work, but there was some good leadership from Charlie (man of the match and Captain), Ikenna and Bradley. Chris, Stephan and Simon all put in very solid performances despite the result.
Onwards and upwards!


T Stephen 

C Hill (MotM) 

s Noah Bela 

C Manahan 

B Smith 

P Ioan 

I Nwimo 

C Bundock 

D Nolan 

S Maiye 

S Liu 

N Ateto 

L Ngyuen 

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