2013/14 Season

3rd Team Results

Sep 13

3rd Team 5 - 0 Parms VII
Date: 2014-09-13
Venue: Home
Referee: Kojo Awuku

A better performance against an unchanged opposition from the week before. Result was not a just indication of the game. First 15 minutes was a bit shaky for Egbertians, but the team settled down and began to get behind the play. Midfield worked hard, but better off ball movement is still required. The defence showed stability for the majority of the game. We failed to convert several opportunities at goal due to a lack of composure, with Nico, Dom and Cassidy all missing out. Which unfortunately Parms did not, we were punished for our small lapses of concentration and four of the five goals were easily preventable. However overall promising signs for this new team as we head into the our first league match next Saturday.


T Stephen 

B Alaba 

J Buultjens 

s Nichols 

h Makarewicz 

P Ioan 

I Nwimo 

N Lewis 

D Nolan 

N Lizzio 

C Okonkwo 

M Muhhamed 

N Cheung 

N Tanino 

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