2013/14 Season

2nd Team Results

Sep 20

2nd Team 8 - 9 Hale End 3rds
Date: 2014-09-20
Venue: Away

Started well with a goal in 15mins , & the team holding their shape well. Then the lads went to over drive by scoring another 3 goals by half time great. Then the show boating started by trying to beat 2/3 players without passing , losing the ball an them scoring. Before we new it is was 4-3 , with them scoring in the last 5mins to make it 4-4. After full time settled them down got their shape back after being under a lot of pressure, we then got a penalty in the first half of extra time which we missed. Game went into penalties which ended up 3-3 now we were into sudden death after another 2 pen each an no one wanting to take one , their goalie saved one 9- 8 final score.Good performance from lads but a lot to learn but with 16yr olds an most of the lads being 18 we have time. The lad who missed a penalty in extra time stood up an scored in sudden death , well don ali. Gutted


J Gibson (MotM) 

O Brookes 

A Konga 
Scored (1) 

d Jones 
Scored (1) 

J Sita 
Scored (1) 

N Aldridge 
Scored (1) 

A Whitehead 
Scored (2) 

N Tanino 

S Moses 

K bailey 
Scored (1) 

L Pearson 

M Speller 

D Graca 
Scored (1) 

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