2013/14 Season

1st Team Results

Oct 04

1st Team 1 - 2 Albanian 3rds
Date: 2014-10-04
Venue: Home

A tough loss yesterday.

We had a number regulars (x5) missing which upset the balance of the side. With lads playing out of position etc. That said we had more than enough ability to beat this side.

We were a little slow to start but found some rhythm and went ahead mid way through the first half. Unfortunately we were not really prepared for the oppos tactics thereafter. They resorted to route one and kicked their way back into the match. The referee gave us very little protection - which led to Egbertian's loosing composure/focus.

That said we played into the oppos hands by not moving the ball quickly enough. Our running with the ball enabled Albanians the opportunity to 'crunch' players time and time again.

Albanians winner came from a breakaway attack and a speculative cross that was caught by the wind and looped into the net. Credit to Alabanian's keeper who was good and made a serious of important blocks throughout the game.

This result was a wake up call to the team. At this level referees and opposition are not as consistent and more aggressive respectively.

We got to be prepared to fight for wins too!


K Couvee 

B Alaba 

R Warner 

B Haig 

S Kendor 

M Proctor 

M Dainauskas (MotM) 
Scored (1) 

N Lewis 

T Dodd 

C Okonkwo 

D Williams 

S Izycki 

Beati Mundo Corde