2013/14 Season

3rd Team Results

Oct 25

3rd Team 6 - 5 old Salesians
Date: 2014-10-25
Venue: Away
Referee: peter gardner

A less than straight forward start to the game with a long drive to ground and our keeper bailing out at the 11th hour. Four egs players were caught up in traffic getting to the ground.
Egs played the first 45mins with 10 men and for the majority of the half we sat in 2 banks of four and defended. Salesians could quite exploit the extra man although they stretch us for the first 20 mins. We caught them on the break several times with deep runs from the flanks and after 30 mins build up play from Dan, Daryll, Ricky and Gareth provided Dom with the opportunity to put us ahead. We sat on this lead until end of the first half. The second half started with Salesians moving the ball around as they did in the beginning of the first half and it took a while before Egs settled again. Salesians equalised with what was a blatent offside cross, just clipping the outer post and dropping across the line. Egs battled hard and although had opportunities around the 18 yard did not take them and extra time was played.
A corner from Dom allowed John burke to score on his debut game with us from a well placed far post header, earlier in the 1st half ET. In the 2nd half ET Egs kept possession of the ball and were denied a penalty from a handball call that was refused, Salesians caught on us on the break and a dubious call for a free kick against Paul was given 20 yards outside the area; which resulted in their equaliser. Daryll and I strategically swapped position in the last minute was a better choice for Penalties then myself. Daryll saved a penalty and went the right way for every shot taken. Dom had his penalty saved which could of ended it after Salesians failed on the first two. Gareth, Mo and Daryll all scored and Daniel scored the winning penalty, to provide Egs IIIs their first win.


T Stephen 

C Hill 

R Li 

j Burke 
Scored (1) 

A Omar 

P Ioan 

G Gassop 
Scored (1) 

D Nolan 
Scored (1) 

D Murphy (MotM) 
Scored (1) 

I Nwimo 

M Muhhamed 
Scored (1) 

s Nichols 

d Jones 
Scored (1) 

I Ventresca 

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