2013/14 Season

2nd Team Results

Nov 01

2nd Team 0 - 5 Parkfield 2nds
Date: 2014-11-01
Venue: Away

Lads did well getting to ground on time being such a distance away , but were let down by one player calling off at 11am no reason given .
We were caught cold in first 10min with a miss kick which ended up in top corner,they then scored about 10min later by no closing down in our box. We started to play a bit an missed a couple of chances from connor & terry (nicks dad great player ).
Went into second half a little on top but while attacking we lost the ball and they scored on break after 15mins . Shortly after had 2 injuries with no subs i came out off goal an went on pitch 1 of the injured players went into goal which didnt heip matters & went on to let in 2 more goals. For the most the core of the team is ok but some think they dont have to train go out the night before an win a game , surprise that dosnt happen .Onward an upward.


T Griffith 

M Speller 

I Lukulay 

d Jones 

N Aldridge 

A Konga 

O Hibbert 

M Duggan 

G Gassop 

D Stevens 

T Holmes (MotM) 

C Claisse 

Beati Mundo Corde