2013/14 Season

3rd Team Results

Nov 28

3rd Team 0 - 8 old buckwellians
Date: 2014-11-28
Venue: Home
Referee: dwayne Ulyett

Heaviest Defeat so far. partially due to some key players out through injury and team restructuring, leaving us with a little light. An untrialed back four this week, with Charlie the only regular; didn't make matters easier.

The game was over in the first half 0 -6, Egbertians didn't bother to get out of bed and lacked all the normal prowess and determination we have shown from the beginning. Lack of communication in back four and allowed some school boy goals to be conceded from opposition goal kicks..absolutely ridiculous. Abdullah, Ricky and Mo worked hard as ever, but overall the team performance in the 1st half was disappointing.
The 2nd half was 200% better but to little too late, hat comes off to woodhousians keeper pulled off some amazing saves. Two more additional incorrect judgement calls from Centre backs lead to the final score going to 8. The two positives are we had the most attempts at goal this week and new player Cristhian worked hard up top and this was a cup game and goal difference will not effect us. Just the embarrassment of such a high score line against an opposition we should of matched and surpassed in all areas...just not today


E Tew 

C Hill 

R Li 

I Nwimo 

A Khan-Bains 

J Ngyuen 

A Stennett 

D Nolan 

I Lukulay 

J Ahmed 

M Muhhamed 


A Omar (MotM) 


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