2013/14 Season

3rd Team Results

Apr 11

3rd Team 0 - 2 old Salvs
Date: 2015-04-11
Venue: Home

This was always going to be one of the tougher games, with Top versus Bottom this week.
Egbertians 3rds competed across the park and for the 1st half controlled 90% of the play and there was really nothing in the game. We were denied a very obvious penalty by the Ref, by a blatant foul on Ricky. Overall i was not convinced the ref judged the game completely neutrally. Vali, was knocked around a lot, and although he did make a play on this a little, i feel his calls for Fouls were overlooked a bit.This was another team that didnt mind leaving in a little after every challenge. The first conceded goal came from a bad judgement of the offside line about 35 mins in. Our defence allowed their number 10 to time his run and although Alex got a hand to the shot it rolled just inside the far post. Jordan and Jahir partnered very well up top and created alot of worry for old Salvs. Their keeper pulled of some incredible saves to deny Jordan efforts on goal. The second half was slightly more balance in terms of play with Salvs maturity and grit seeing them make headway into the final 3rd a lot more. Nonetheless the team showed resilience and had an equal amount of opportunities on goal, which were denied or the final shot was of target. Salvs final goal again about 35 mins in to the 2 nd half was bad judgement in the central defence. holding on to the ball for too long and getting caught. A draw would of been a more realistic picture of the game, but old Salvs ceased upon our two minor errors in decision making and thats football. The 3rds would like to thank Jordan and Matthew from the 5ths who gave up their time to make up our numbers this week was also good to have Ricky back in the fold. We have lost Steve to Injury and we say goodbye Liam who is moving out of London.


J Morris (MotM) 

M Withey 

G Piscu 

I Lukulay 

J Ahmed 

L Thacker 

M Muhhamed 

V Tanase 

J Quigley 

T Stephen 

A Tammaro 

R Li 

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