2013/14 Season

1st Team Results

Sep 19

1st Team 1 - 3 Albanian 3rds
Date: 2015-09-19
Venue: Away

We turned up and saw a very tall physical opposition. We started the game well and was dealing with there long balls up to their strikers well while looking dangerous ourselves. after about 15 mins craig went up for a header with their target man and got a bad cut to the head which resulted in a long stoppage and a trip to A&E for stitches.

This didn't stop our rhythm and we got a goal shortly after just before half time. A well worked move which was initially started by proctor playing the ball back to kris who then passed the ball out to the midfield, a few good passes got the ball up to the edge of their box and a flick by myself over the centre back to a on running Sev who cooly slotted the ball into the net.

We went into half time with the lead. We talked about not doing anything silly at the back and the need for more talking and organising. This didn't happen in the second half and after 15 mins they got a goal through some poor defending and a rebound from our own pass that went through to their striker. After this they got their heads up and after another 5 mins got a penalty which we brought on ourselves. This resulted in George being sent off as he was the last man but he had to make the challenge but should never off been in that situation. This was a big turning point in the game.

Kris Pulled off a great save from the pen and with some last ditch clearing from siyam we had cleared the danger but with a lot of us thinking that the job was done they scored from the following corner when 3 of their players had no markers. With 10 man and a goal down we needed a miracle and although we kept the score respectable and didnt concede till the last few mins due to tiredness we couldn't find a way back into the game.

This was a disappointing loss and again was down to lack of talking and organising. We messed about with the ball at the back aswell and they took advantage. We need to learn to play to our strengths. If you don't feel happy with the ball at your feet don't try doing much with it. i appreciate a few of you played out of position but until we get some new faces or some old players back from injury this will have to be the case.


K Dixon (MotM) 

J Dennis 

M Ramsay 

T Smith 

D Williams 

A Sayadi 

T Waite 

M Proctor 

S Kenk 
Scored (1) 

S Izycki 

S George 

J Ayling 

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