2013/14 Season

1st Team Results

Oct 03

1st Team 2 - 3 Old Parmetarians
Date: 2015-10-03
Venue: Home

A frustrating loss yesterday.

We were too short from a squad perspective and drafted in lads who were not match fit or ready for this level.

We started a little shaky and went behind after 20 minutes from a break away goal. Our keeper said some words to the referee about his decision making and was booked. From the ensuing argument he was booked again. The referee sent him off the field. From the follow up arguments between the two, he was then sent away from the sidelines.

Despite the referees faults, Kris should not have have allowed himself to get wound up to the extent that he did. We were down to 10 men..and not playing particularly well and this only made the situation worse. We held out until half time and re-grouped.

The second half started well and then a lack of positional discipline and a lucky deflection saw Parms score two quick goals. This was looking bad. But then the something clicked and we worked a lot harder (retained the ball in the final 3rd) - despite no subs, lads blowing and Parms having a young and fit bench. This was used well against us.

We competed well for the final 25 minutes and scored two goals courtesy of Mike Ramsay and Tyrone Waite. A clear penalty was not given in the final seconds either which could allowed us to draw level. Another 10 minutes and we probably would have won the game.

Getting our best players out and a settled squad is required now.


K Dixon 

J Dennis 

J Fomenuck 

C Mogwo 

B Alaba 

S Izycki 

T Waite 
Scored (1) 

M Proctor 

M Ramsay (MotM) 
Scored (1) 

D Williams 

T Schwarz 

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