2013/14 Season

1st Team Results

Jan 16

1st Team 1 - 2 Leyton County Old Boys
Date: 2016-01-16
Venue: Home

A frustrating loss on Saturday.

Two sluggish goals conceded. The second was a blatant off side. But our performance was the bigger problem. My tactics in the first half was to try and turn the oppo when we could and expose the full backs etc. The move away from our standard ball retention affected us a little and contributed to the disjointed performance of the 1st half.

We started very slow and struggled to string passes together. The pitch was awful and did not help us at all. But the oppo played on the same surface as us.

The first half was not good enough around the pitch and we lost the ball and made many misplaced passes during this phase. This only allowed Leyton County to break on us in numbers. Both their goals came this way.

The 2nd half was very different and we increased the tempo, switched play and caused Leyton county numerous problems. But our finishing was was off on Saturday and we failed to convert these efforts.

Bobby Clarke won a free kick and converted from 25 yrds out to pile up the pressure on Leyton County. We created enough chances to win the game 3 times over but the accuracy once in the area or the blocked shots kept Leyton County ahead.


J Hepworth 

N Lewis 

S Izycki 

J Lyons 

M Proctor 

S McCullagh 

T Waite 

M Ramsay 

J Da Costa 

J Dennis 

M Dainauskas 

T Schwarz 

J Ayling 

R Clarke 
Scored (1) 

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