2013/14 Season

3rd Team Results

Feb 13

3rd Team 1 - 20 Mill Hill Village
Date: 2016-02-13
Venue: Away

After an encouraging 2-0 defeat verses top the table Old Parms last week, we took the field this week
with some optimism against mid-table Mill Hill Village, who only beat us 5-3 two games ago, as on paper we had a stronger team than last week so I didn't see this result coming.

Two players pulled out on the morning of the match while another was not able to make our 12.15pm meet as he overslept
and had then take his mother somewhere so we took the field and stayed with ten players. I missed the first half as I was waiting at the ground entrance for him as it is a bugger to find.

The two bulgarian lads who I picked up at training, who are actually decent players, but neither had shin pads so one used mine and we used a pair of goal keeping gloves for the other and oh, he didn't have boots either. Fortunately one of our new lads had a spare pair.

I didn't hear any whoops of joy from either team so assumed it was 0-0 at half time while I was waiting and was preparing my Churchillian half time talk but apparently there were a small whoop after the first two goals but nothing afterwards as we 9-0 down at half time. The second half was much the same as the first apparently which I watched. They were bigger, stronger, quicker and simply better footballers aided by a pudding of a pitch and some clinical finishing and terrible defending. They scored eleven in the second half from about fifteen attempts at goal. What's the usual attempt to goal ratio at this level? One in five? Almost everything went in and they seemingly scored from almost every attack.

The only positive thing that came out of the game was James O'Donnell, who contacted me on Monday and attended training. Apart from being a decent lad, and probably one of our better players, he volunteered to take the very muddy kit so fair play to him.


N Clarke 

I Nwimo 

J Ceri 

J McCarthy 

Y Marushkin 

I Arlashki 

J Fomenuck 

T Dodd 

V Tanase 
Scored (1) 

J McDonnell 

H Bowles 

Beati Mundo Corde