2013/14 Season

1st Team Results

Mar 12

1st Team 1 - 4 Old Salvatorians
Date: 2016-03-12
Venue: Away

Match 2: We started well but a blatant off-side was not given by the referee who was very familiar with the oppo. We quickly drew level with a good phase of play which saw Mike Ramsay played through and he lashed a shot home from the edge of the area. Then our troubles really started. We had concerns with the refereeing in the first game but he constantly ignored or ruled in the favour of Salvos.

Siyam slide in to win a tackle in midfield and the oppo 'accidentally' stood on Siyams head. His studs caught siyams ear and pretty much ripped it off. It was not a nice sight and it came from a problem player. But we could not be sure it was malicious........ He came off and went to hospital. We then had to bring on our awful sub and he made things worse with a nonchalant under hit back pass which the Salvos striker ran onto and beat our keeper. 2-1. This happened at the worst possible time. 5 minutes later Michael Proctor went off with a suspected broken wrist from an off the ball incident. The game was boiling out of control with a serious of bad decisions from the referee and no protection it seemed. Salvo's 3rd goal came from a their No.10 showing some good skill and shooting from the edge of the area. 3-1. We still had chances but struggled to keep the ball on a pitch with a lot of standing water and with an oppo that had 1.5 more players than us. There 4th goal came from a full back who drilled home from the edge of the area when we were stretched. The oppo had brought on a big rugby looking chap 10 minutes earlier and he duly ran around taking people out. We had complained to the referee about his dangerous tackles but he just said " put your concerns in the report". We had a big argument with the ref when he let the same player scythe down Dwayne Francis from behind when he had clearly made no attempt to win the ball. The lump did not even get a booking or a ticking off. With about 10 minutes to go a lose ball was chased down by Craig with the same 'lump' in pursuit. The ball ran across my path and before I knew it, I was up in the air and eating grass. Our 'friend' decided to lash out and take me down. I stood up and was met with the sight of some this guy walking towards me issuing some choice words.....not quite sure what I did to invoke his frustration!!!!!. He got to about arms length still shouting at me....I regrettably reacted and put him on his bum. Heppy was quick to the scene and pulled me away whilst a melee ensured.

When things calmed down the referee gave the oppo player a yellow and myself a straight red.

At this point the referee the blew up/abandoned the game. The player came over to me and apologised. We shook hands and left it at that.

I can only apologise to the lads for loosing my rag and not having a full squad out on Saturday. This undone us along with the injuries. Two wins would have catapulted Egbertains into the chasing pack for 2nd place. Sadly that chance has gone now.

The lads did well, in very difficult circumstances and had a drink in the bar afterwards. This was the only way to close off what was a frustrating afternoon of football. We now play all the remaining top teams in the run in so we have our pride to play for if nothing else.

Lets focus on teaching a few teams who the best footballing side in the league is from hear on in.

Wishing a speedy recovery to Siyam Izicki and Michael Proctor.


J Hepworth 

B Alaba 

C Hopkinson 

S Olanipekun 

M Proctor 

R Warner 

T Tudor 

S Izycki 

J Da Costa 

J Dennis 

D Francis 

M Ramsay 
Scored (1) 

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