2013/14 Season

VetsA Team Results

Mar 26

VetsA Team 2 - 2 Upminster
Date: 2016-03-26
Venue: Away

Struggled a bit for players this week so had to borrow a couple of 4th team players. Exposed pitch in Emerson park with the wind blowing a gale down the pitch did not make for a great game. We came out strong and dominated for the first twenty minutes hitting the bar with a free kick and have four or five other chances. Eventually we capitalised on possession and went one up when Andy Middleton curled one in to the top corner. Half time one nil. They came out strong in the second half and were rewarded when they got a free kick from hand ball which they smashed in to the top corner. Despite playing against the wind we still held most possession but went two one down when the hit a ball over the top and converted. We did not give up and were finally rewarded when we got behind their defence and slid a ball across for Ross Hyde to convert. That was the last kick of the match and was just reward.


D Smith 

R Hyde 
Scored (1) 

J Steadman 

K Langton (MotM) 

E Thomson 

M Cook 

A Middleton 
Scored (1) 

S Hurved 

C Young 

P Sutch 

D Mose 

P Benn 

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