2013/14 Season

3rd Team Results

Oct 15

3rd Team 2 - 1 London Hospital
Date: 2016-10-15
Venue: Home

The mighty Egbertians continued their impressive start to the season by putting in another controlled performance seeing them comfortably advance into round 2 of the cup despite the close score line suggesting otherwise. This level of comfort was certainly not observed by Egs Keeper Garret when shortly after the break he bravely dived in at the feet of an opposition winger and took a savage boot to the nose leaving him dazed and bloodied as said opposition winger then scooped up the ball and threw it into the net. Amazingly the referee missed both events and awarded a goal. This caused the Egs to momentarily lose their cool to put it politely and one unnamed Egs player even suggested that David Blunkett could have seen the kick and handball and he narrowly escaped a caution – the events threatened to mar their performance in front of a riled up record crowd.

They regained control of both themselves and the game shortly after though and then continued to dominate possession and the game once again, taking their time and keeping the ball at the continued and incessant instruction of skipper Kent dictating the tempo from the back putting a verbal ban on the wingers from crossing the ball in favour of the new continental style of possession football.

The game should have been dead and buried (like Garret almost found himself) within the first half however as the Egs got off to a blistering start with Dyball continuing his impressive scoring run by slotting home from a trademark Young through ball after just 5 minutes. The Egs pushed on, patiently creating several openings but couldn’t quite find the decisive second goal. The somewhat makeshift defence of Brooks at right back, the destructive Sikking who almost killed himself for the cause partnering Kent in the centre and Parkinson on the left kept the opposition at bay allowing the midfield 4 and the strikers to cause problems. This lack of second goal however left the game open to the opposition who had threatened very little bar their excellent centre midfielder. However the away side got back on terms by a move that both Bruce Lee and Diego Maradonna would have been proud of for their own different reasons which left the home side and their fans incensed as previously mentioned.

Once the Egs regained their composure they pushed on and after several good shooting opportunities were squandered, the aptly named Young drilled home from 20 yards to put the Egs back on top. They then comfortably saw it through and could and should have added more to the tally with the final score flattering the opposition greatly.

Blood, sweat but not tears here as the Egbertians ever evolving possession football continues to impress. This was also real demonstration of their squad strength all in all seeing them march on to the next round.


J Garrett 

S Parkinson 

J Sikking (MotM) 

W Kent 

R Brooks 

C Young 
Scored (1) 

K McLean 

J McDonnell 

A Goulding 

M Dyball 
Scored (1) 

C Holland 

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