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General Information

The club was formed in 1928 and is one of the oldest clubs to be affiliated to the Amateur Football Alliance (AFA).

We are a member of the Amateur Football Combination, which is purported to be the biggest league in the world comprising 85 clubs and some 300 teams. The league places great emphasis on the attitude and spirit that the game is played in while insisting its member clubs maintain these same principles.

We run five league teams and a Veteran team on a Saturday afternoon. It is our intention to set up a youth team in the near future.

We have over eighty members. The minimum playing age is sixteen.

Our main home pitches ground are at the Peter May Sports Centre, Wadham Road, Walthamstow, London E17 4HR click here

The Peter May SC was redeveloped several years ago with the aid of lottery money and it's excellent facilities are the envy of all local clubs.

We also have additional pitches at Douglas Eyre Sports Centre, Coppermill Lane, Walthamstow London E17 7HE

Part of the league's ethos is that hospitality is offered to the opposition, who are supposed to accept. It's actually one of the more endearing features of the league and something that the players enjoy. We employ outside caterers to provide food for the opposition, which is also available to our players.

We train initially on grass at the Peter May Sports Centre (as above) and then under flood lights at the Douglas Eyre Sports Centre, Coppermill Lane, Walthamstow London E17 7HE, For further details click here.

The Club is run by an Executive Committee comprising a Chairman, Vice Chairman, Treasurer, Secretary, Social Secretary and Match Secretary. In addition there are the captains who are appointed by the Executive Committee. Committee meetings are held once a month where all club matters are discussed including team results and selection.

Match and Membership fees
The membership fee for the 2014/15 season is £50 for full membership which is payable irrespective of a player’s status (waged, unwaged, student etc). The membership fee for youth players (under 18 as of 31st August for the forthcoming season) is £10. Match fees are £8.00 per game for waged members, £6 for students and unwaged and £3 for youth players. Match fees for friendly games are charged at the same rate.

Selection policy
The club selection policy is that the better players play for the highest team applicable to their standard, irrespective of whether his friends, or the person who introduced him to the club, plays in the same team. This ensures that we maintain and improve the quality of the higher teams. Generally, after an initial period in one the lower teams to establish the players quality and temperament (the club has a good disciplinary record), a player will be invited, if appropriate, to play for a highest team of the appropriate standard. Child Protection Policy and Code of Conduct Policies The club adheres to a Child Protection policy as laid down by the FA and Code of Conducts for both Players and Club as part of our FA Adult Club Standard Charter Accreditation (see below).

The club has an excellent disciplinary record and the club has adopted several disciplinary procedures to ensure that it remains so. The club has a policy of player education which helps the younger players know what is expected of them. For further details on any of the above please refer to the Club Constitution, Rules and Guidelines.

FA Charter Standard Club accreditation
We achieved FA Charter Standard Adult Club Accreditation (FACSA) in 2002 and were the second to achieve it out of the 388 clubs at the time in the Amateur Football Alliance. An FACSA is a qualitative accreditation awarded to clubs who have reached certain quality standards in the following areas: Constitution, Governance, Affiliation, Insurance, Code of Conduct (Player, Spectator, Coaches and Managers), Emergency First Aid, In-service Training and FA Child Protection. We consider our FACSA as being crucial to the development of relationships with local schools, junior clubs, community groups and potential young players and their parents. Our ambition is to maintain the standards that the FACSA requires and work towards Standard Club Accreditation.

Our ambition is to maintain the standards that the FACSA requires and work towards Standard Club Accreditation.

If you require further information not covered by the above then please contact: Jeff Thomas, Secretary, on 020 8508 1376 or email

A History of Old Egbertians

St Egbert's College was founded by a religious order, with strong Belgium links, who came to England as refugees at the outbreak of World War 1. The College was founded in the Ridgeway, Chingford in 1920 and run by the Brothers of Mercy. The College was very much involved with early Catholic activity in the area, with the first mass being celebrated there by Mgr O'Grady in May 1920. The grounds of the College were for many years the final scene of the Corpus Christi outdoor procession and also the venue for many a successful fair and garden party.

The Football Club, which was started by former pupils of the College, stemmed from the Old Boys' Association which started in 1928. The Club joined the London Old Boys' League in 1936 and is one of only 30 Clubs to have continuous membership. The relationship between the College and the Football Club broke down in 1968 when the Club lost the use of the pitch at the bottom of Kings Head Hill. Several years later in 1971, the College closed and was demolished the following year, making way for the development of St. Egberts Estate. Hence the meeting at Chingford Town Hall on Saturdays.

The Football Club managed to survive some lean years until the Old Boys' League went open in 1981/82. The Club membership therefore was no longer restricted to past pupils of the School. For the most part, the Club ran just two sides (three between 1967-1971) until the Third XI joined the League in 1981/82. In their debut season they managed to finish Champions in Division 5 North West. The following season the Club secured the facilities of Chingford Cricket Club as a venue for after-match 'entertainment'. Subsequently the Club has grown through friends of friends and the Fourth XI joined the League in 1986, the Fifth XI in 1991 and the Sixth XI in 1996. In 2002/03 a Vets team was introduced which played for two seasons before being disbanded in 2004/05 due to a lack of captain. In 2005/06 the club decided to restructure and reduced to four teams. In season 2006/07 the club added one more team following a successful player recruitment campaign and won their first cup competition in the club's history when the second team won the LOB Intermediate Cup. In 2007/08 the club added a sixth team and the Veteran team was reformed.

However, half way through the 2007/08 season the club had to withdraw our third team which resulted in our lower teams moving up one team position. This disappointment was offset by both the first and second team gaining promotion by winning and finishing runner up in their respective divisions. The following season saw us lose another team when the first team en masse defected to other clubs higher up in the league pyramid pre-season. Our second team replaced our first team with all other teams moving up one team so we had four teams and a Vets team for season 2008/09. Season 2009/10 sees us fielding four teams and a Veteran team.


1976-77 Awarded the Fred Atkins Sportsmanship Trophy.
1993-94 Awarded the Wilkinson Sword Fair Play Trophy.

LOB Intermediate Cup 2007/08

Northern Section Championships

Division Year Team
Inter 2007-08 1st
6 2001-02 6th
Inter 2000-01 1st
1 2000-01 2nd
4 1999-97 4th
6 1996-97 4th
6 1993-94 3rd
7 1992-93 4th
5 1981-82 3rd
1 1980-81 1st
3 1980-81 2nd
2 1979-80 1st
3 1978-79 1st
2 1970-71 1st
2 1955-56 1st

Inter = Intermediate Division

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