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Veteran football is for players over the age of 35 years old and is a series of friendly games played under the auspices of the Veteran Football Alliance (VFA). The VFA was set up several years ago to administer the growth of Veteran football locally, which has become the fastest growing form of football in the country.

Contrary to many players' expectations Vets football can be played to a high standard as while the legs may go, the players football ability remain, thus while matches are played at a slower pace the technical ability remains high.

The Egbertian FC Veteran team for the 2014/15 season will be managed by player/managers Ewan Thomson and Andy Middleton.

The Vets team run a football tour every year and in recent seasons have played in the following countries:

- Dublin 2009
- Milan 2010
- Portugal 2011
- Loret de Mar 2012
- Benidorm 2013
- Portugal 2014

Details of the 2010 tour to Milan are below which will give you a flavour of the tours.

If you are interested in playing for the Egbertian FC Veteran team then please contact Ewan Thomson.

May 8th 2010 Rivoltella Vets vs Old Egbertian Vets, Rivoltella, Desenzano, Italy
Back row: (l-r) Chris Hill, Desert 'Harry' Orchid, Steve Collins, Paolo Fiori, Ewen Thomson, Gumpy, Dr David Banner, Ginger Pele, Simone Grattarola
Front Row: (l-r) Justin 'Flapper' Edinburgh, Tom White, Stuart Clive, The Dwaff, Daniel Mosé (Public Relations Officer) Simon Parkinson

In a game that echoed the trials and tribulations of Liverpool a week earlier the Old Egs were forced into a Planes, Trains and Automobiles approach to getting to the ground. After Ginger Pele and the dethroned King of Funs' recreation of the infamous morning after scene in said movie, although there were plenty of other John Candy look-a-likes among them, the team set out for their arduous journey to Rivoltella.

Having taken aboard plenty of liquid the night before the team arrived somewhat parched. Fortunately Simone's cousin was on hand to present them with 6 bottles of red wine and a bottle opener. After an awkward moment, where he expected thanks, he was despatched Deschamp-like to fetch the water bottles.

The game started with Rivoltella playing the ball out from the back with their number 8 pulling the strings in a manner accustomed to Milan and Pirlo. The Egs looked to be all at sea and all but a few seemed to be wearing concrete boots. With the heat a factor The Egs looked tired and it wasn't long before a sweeping move down the Rivoltella left found a man free at the back post to dive in to head them in front. At that point it looked bleak for the Old Boys. However the Dwaff managed to burst through the legs of the last man until he was cynically pulled further down. A penalty to the Egs, which Dan Mosé smashed home. However the rhythm of the game was unchanged and two further goals for the home team came before half time. One a beautiful lob over the comically back pedalling Flapper had the crowd in awe and laughter. If only he had the balance he showed at 4am in the club when he simultaneously held two drinks whilst jiving on the sofa. Ginger Pele threatened with a shimmy and a shot from distance, which drew a camera moment save from Rivoltella's keeper. With messers Clive and Thomson certainly in holiday mode the Rivoltella forwards cut through again and again. All through the pitch the Egs were chasing shadows and Rivoltella's very own Gepeto was working his players.

After some strong illiteration at half time Paul Flowers became Paolo Fiori and pushed further up into midfield and Dan 'the dimple' Mosé went up front. The game didn't turn at that point. It took another goal from Rivoltella, this one a fine finish from the longhaired forward. The Dwaff took up a small proportional representation to the right and the equine Father Cole his grey mane flowing, galloped a full thirty yards to put a finish just wide. There wasn't a person on either side who didn't want that to ripple the net but it wasn't to be and the glue factory now beckons for Desert Orchid. But the inspiration that provided along with more penetration on the wings and better closing down in the middle meant the Egs started to play the expansive football, which got them into Europe in the first place. Another goal from Mosé brought the score to 4-2. The Dwaff was really starting to terrorise the left back and from one cross Simone had a chance for an overhead kick but took the easier option to spin and shin it 30 yards high and wide. The Dwaff got his just rewards with a few minutes left finishing well after going round the keeper. Mosé avoided la Jug buy bottling a one on one with the keeper before Fiori struck wide. There were no further chances and the game finished 4-3.

Team Photo

Team Photo

Team Photo

Team Photo

Players about to Kick Off

Flowers pushed up into midfield

A Wonder Save from Flapper!

Both teams played with great spirit while the Egs certainly had a lot of spirits in them. With dives from Mosé and the Dwaff and an Italian side conceding 3 goals there was certainly a lot of role reversal going on. The game enhanced Anglo Italian relations and some drinks and food by the beautiful setting of Lake Garda brought an end to a great day. As the sun set into the lake there were stories flowing around and glowing echoes of glory days.

Drinks & Food by the beautiful setting of Lake Garda

Beati Mundo Corde