2013/14 Season

1st Team Results

Apr 12

1st Team 1 - 1 University of Hertfordshire
Date: 2014-04-12
Venue: Home
Referee: Tom Rose

The second game was much like the first with Herts putting us under pressure very quickly off the ball and breaking very quickly when they gained possession, I can see how they could punish less organised sides and at times had us under real pressure. We didn’t help ourselves by making simple mistakes like not closing players down, not sitting on the ball to slow play down and losing our shape and getting pulled out of position.

We was slightly edging the first half and that was confirmed by a wonderful solo goal from Ryan Folan, Follers picked the ball up from the left hand side and some quick feet and control saw him come inside and pass two or three defenders before a great right footed strike put it round the keeper into the far corner. Great goal!!

The second half we had a few more chances with Bill Morgan hitting the bar from deep inside our own half, it was looking like we was going to hold on to all three points until a terrible penalty call gave Herts some hope of sharing the spoils, the Herts left winger stepped up this time and Paco had felt the power of his strikes after saving 2 of 3 of them over the last 2 hours… This time it was again Paco who came of the winner as he dove down to his right making it two Pen saves in the afternoon.

With 5 mins to go Herts did not give up and had us backed right up in our box and then out of nothing the left winger hit a fantastic ball from the left side that found the right had corner… We had a great chance to take the lead back as Cooper played lovely ball over the top and we was 3 on 2 and heading at the Herts goal, but the 2 hours had taken its toll on the tired legs and we miss out last chance.

Great effort from the lads can question the heart and effort we put in but we need to be smarter in future as we made it harder than it needed to be.


M Paxton (MotM) 

J Wade 

R Navarro 

D Massey 

C Hill 

B Cooper 

D Nolan 

C Prevost 

R Folan 
Scored (1) 

R Murray 

A Ramos-Gonzalez 

B Morgan 

D Lees 

Beati Mundo Corde