2013/14 Season

3rd Team Results

Oct 18

3rd Team 1 - 6 UCL Academics
Date: 2014-10-18
Venue: Away

Very disappointing game. All the elements were there this week for us, so should have been a positive turning point for us after the efforts of the last few weeks.
Egs first 20mins was sluggish and lack lustre, leading to an early goal for UCL. This shook the lads and they started to get the ball under control and play. Nico equalised with a snatched goal from a rebounded second ball from a shot from daryll and then ricky. That was the highlight of the Egs. UCL took all the pressure we applied and were comfortable to sit in there half and both defend and keep possession of the ball. Egs began to get impatient and a began to loose shape. This gave the UCL the opportunity to take space and score another 2 before half time.
The second half was much of the same Egs could not settle and were not comfortable just to battle, apply pressure and hold space out of possession, until game flow changed.Egs Team effort was poor and individual decision making was bad leading to another 3 goals before close of the game. Ironically this is the first game result in three weeks that we truly deserved. On a positive note Zeb Thomas's debut game as Keeper was impressive, despite the score line and I hope we have found our regular keep.


T Stephen 

C Hill 

R Li 

J Ahmed 

A Omar 

P Ioan 

Z Thomas 

D Nolan 

D Murphy 

I Nwimo 

N Cheung 

s Nichols 

I Ventresca 

N Lizzio 
Scored (1) 

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