2013/14 Season

3rd Team Results

Feb 27

3rd Team 1 - 4 Old Woodhouseians
Date: 2016-02-27
Venue: Home
Referee: Thomas Livingstone

Nothing much to say really. Disappointing that Alliance decided upon himself after ten minutes to play striker which totally cocked up the shape of the team and within 20 minutes we were four nil down. It was the worst 45 minutes that I have had to endure so far this season. Revamped in the second half and got players to play in their correct positions and it was much better and we won the second half 1-0. Still nowhere near a competitive team though, Also disappointed that all the second team players came along without any money but its OK as they will all pay at training though. Yeah,right.


N Clarke 

I Nwimo 

J Ceri 

C Gardner 

H Dilelg 

A Konga 

A Arnold 

J Fomenuck 

J McDonnell 

V Iftinca 

N Aldridge 
Scored (1) 

K bailey 

T Leach 

Beati Mundo Corde